The Silk Lake

There is a thread that ties Lake Como to its fame, it is thin but firm, and it is made of silk.

This lake is now considered the most elegant in the world, thanks mainly to its historic Villas and hotels, such as Passalacqua. This magic place, which in the years has been loved by Winston Churchill, Napoleon and Vincenzo Bellini, today offers 24 suites that celebrate Italian excellence and the ancient art of hospitality.

Only one year since its opening, Passalacqua has been as awarded as the best hotel in the world.

The prize has been awarded during the first edition dedicated to the hotellerie of World's 50 Best, giving new life to the great tradition of luxury holiday on lake Como.

But before all that, before Hollywood stars and the world's leaders, Lake Como had become famous throughout the world for silk processing,

This art dates back to the Middle Ages. Even today, 80% of European silk production originates here.

Past and present, united in an incredible story, are told in the Silk Museum, a jewel that collects, preserves and displays evidence of the Como textile production tradition. The Silk Museum is the only museum institution in the world capable of narrating the entire production process: from the silkworm to colored yarns, from hand printing to fashion collections.

The museum also hosts unmissable events and exhibitions, for a new and interesting perspective on the fascinating world of Italian silk.

Among the approximately 100 companies active in the district, there are brands that are over a century old, which are certainly worth a visit. One of the leading companies in the area is Mantero, a history of artisan excellence that has been handed down for four generations. Mantero creates, weaves and prints fabrics and accessories for the world of fashion and luxury Maisons such as Dior, Chanel and YSL.

The company’s source of inspiration is the Archive, one of the most important textile archives in the world.

The Archive which contains over 75,000 fabric prints and 70,000 scarves from the most prestigious Maisons. 2,500 square meters which represent the dream of every “silk addict”; a dream that can then find satisfaction in the Mantero 1902 brand shop.