Gualtiero Marchesi, the Maestro

Gualtiero Marchesi was THE Maestro, THE chef, the founder of Italian Haute Cuisine. His legacy still lives on in the creations of several restaurants around the world and in the dishes of the "Marchesi Boys", his chef disciples, including Pietro Leheman, Andrea Berton, Carlo Cracco and Davide Oldani.

Gualtiero Marchesi’s cuisine is still a subject of study, as is his incredible biography, about which books have been written and films made.

Marchesi is a character to be discovered and it is precisely on his life and his cuisine that the exclusive experience presented by Olympia Waters is based: La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi” at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, “the place to be” on Lake Como.

The experience starts from Bonvesin de la Riva in Milan, the symbolic place where Marchesi opened his first restaurant. Today it hosts the Gualtiero Marchesi Academy of Haute Cuisine and the Foundation of the same name. Here, under the guidance of his disciples, guests will be able to participate in a private Masterclass in which some of Marchesi’s signature dishes will be re-proposed.

In the evening, guests will move to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for dinner at La Terrazza Gualtiero Marchesi.  Located on one of the most picturesque terraces of Lake Como, it is the only restaurant in the world to offer the most famous dishes of Maestro Marchesi. Guests can taste his masterpieces, including Fish Dripping, an homage to Jackson Pollock, the delicious Rice, Gold and Saffron and The Red and the Black, a tribute to Lucio Fontana with gazpacho sauce of monkfish glazed with black seppia.

A moment dedicated to taste, but also an amazing surprise: exclusively for Olympia Waters, Gualtiero Marchesi's daughter Simona and son-in-law Enrico will do the honours of joining the guests for dinner.

An incredible opportunity to share anecdotes and memories of a life and a man out of the ordinary.

“Beauty and perfection do not make themselves manifest, and I love cuisine as a pure form of art. To cook is not my ambition, it is a way to express myself”